March 27, 2010

Speaking of Passions..........

Thought I'd update you on an older post about the sale of The Biologist's horse in Montana to tell you about God's amazing provision.  Let me start at the beginning..........

We soon found a stable after we got settled here that offered lessons (in both German and English) down in the town of Spangdahlem (right outside the base)..  SO, the B began to brush up on her dressage and jumping skills again and The Thinker decided she wanted to join in the fun and begin lessons as well. Both girls were quick to learn the German riding terms and the eldest was called upon to help the younger classes quite often.  However, we sadly learned that the American girls were not usually asked to participate in shows and events like the German kids, much to our disappointment.   And, Mom quickly surmised that the time (and gas) commitment of lessons 40 miles away twice a week was a lot.

Then one day when Sweet Thang had taken the kids sledding behind our house, they were approached by a young gal, walking her dog, who heard their English.  After she struck up a conversation, they learned that although German, she had just come back from the states and now works at a stable teaching lessons at the next village over!  She invited them to visit and check out the place.  We did and man-oh man(!) what an operation!!!  The owners are from the Netherlands and have 40 horses, around 20 of them are 'show' horses. And, we're finding out, several of them are "champions"!!  It is in the next village over and literally 5 minutes (maybe) from our door.  We told April that our main goal was to have at least The Biologist, and The Thinker when she's ready, participate in competition.  Her response..."Of course!" - not seeing any reason why an American could not compete, if she was well prepared with the German terms!   Lord, why do we doubt you?

 During the last couple of lessons, The Biologist was 'given' a beautiful show horse to work with for every lesson, so that both horse and rider can get to know each other and train together.  (Much different from the other stable, in that, every week they were assigned a different horse so that the riders could learn to adjust to various horses' strengths etc.)

Here we are, right in the middle of  the 'dressage capital' OF THE WORLD and we've literally stumbled on one of the primo riding operations.  Coincidence? I think not!!!  How many times does He have to answer prayer in amazing ways for us to just learn to trust?  I'm still learning, Lord! Teach me to EXPECT miracles..............


  1. Incredible. LOVE how God does this. Provides. Provides. Provides. Always. So glad He was faithful to Lanae's passion. What a huge blessing.

  2. Oh to be so faithful to him... God is amazing! So happy the girls can continue their passion. The bond between human & animal spirits is so sweet!


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