January 30, 2010

New Friends in the Snow

My heart was so full today! I got to watch an answer to prayer unfold, and soak up some sunshine, or maybe Sonshine, that my soul has needed too. Sweet Cherry Cheeks has been waiting for a friend for a while. Because of where we live, so far from the base, there are really no English speaking children close by for her to play with on a whim. Our neighbors, as sweet as they are, seem to be elderly all around us as well.

Yesterday our next door neighbor's son, who lives a few blocks over with his family, came by to shovel snow for his mother. He extended the invitation to go sledding today. Of course all of the kiddos jumped at the chance to go with other children. I mentioned that it was Claire's birthday and we had planned to go ice skating, but because it was STILL snowing, the autobahn was iffy. This morning arrived, and it snowed cats and dogs all day..........UNTIL...Frank came to get us with his girls AND toting a birthday gift for Claire as well! I was so touched that this new family would be so kind as to bring her a gift. Then, as we were walking back to the hill, the most brilliant sun popped out!!

Do you know what it's like to have the sun shine down after being hidden for a month? IT was incredible! And it lasted all afternoon!

The girls, Selina and Michelle quickly warmed up to the girls and by the end of the day, they didn't want to leave each other. Several other neighborhood children were also there on the hill, and we soon learned that there is no language barrier when you're sledding!!!

All in all it was a picture perfect day, basking and playing in the Sonshine!!!!

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