January 1, 2010

New Beginnings

I love new beginnings.....New school years, new mornings, new weeks, new Aggie football seasons, new years, and new decades. The possibilities always seem endless.

As I 've reflected on our newly wrapped up year, 'change' seems to be the recurring theme. We spent the spring preparing for change, the summer making the change and the fall adapting to and recovering from the change. I am blessed with children who are willing to accept the challenges of living within a new culture and language.

We have watched as the Lord has worked miracles in our circumstances. He has led us to a place that requires less stress and 'busyness' and more enjoyment of life in general. I love serving the God of new beginnings.....as He originated the idea!! I love that in the midst of all my shortcomings this year in not dealing with said 'change' as well as I could or should have, He is all about second chances.
Mama and Daddy were able to come visit in November, and we visited several World War II sites, like Bastogne, Belgium (Battle of the Bulge) and Luxemburg (American WWII Cemetery). We also made it to Trier and Cologne for the famed Weihnachten Markten (Christmas markets).
Brad and Nicole Bow (my nephew and bride) and sweet Ashton came too for the Thanksgiving weekend and we toured Bernkastle-Kues, my all-time favorite storybook village so far.

We were given a rare glimpse of German culture up close, as we spent New Year's Eve with a newly dear German family down on the French border. Germans can positively teach Americans about celebrating....anything and everything. New Year's Eve in Germany is filled with fireworks that begin at midnight and go for hours. The streets are filled with people (of all ages) until the wee hours of the morning. The Lord continues to bring new friends into our lives who encourage us to live in the moment and not worry about what we think needs to be done. He continues to teach me about joy and that I must choose it!!!!

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