January 16, 2010

Are There Spiritual Lessons in Snow?

Been shoveling a lot of snow the last few weeks. Record breaking snow for the Eifel region in Germany. The news is reporting that this year has seen the most snow in 15 years. And to think we were going to get rid of our Montana snow shovels! Our huge cobblestone driveway needs to be shoveled a lot! And, since the village bus stop is directly in front of our house, on the main street, we are 'in charge' of making sure the bus stop stays snow-free.

I kind of like to shovel snow, don't tell anyone....It's mindless work and lends me quiet time outside (soaking up that evasive vitamin D). I asked the Lord what He has intended to teach a Texas girl in having her shovel snow for the last 20 winters. Lately He's taught me that I can either see the beauty in what I'm doing, or the hassle. Either way, it has to get done. One morning just before Christmas, I awoke to a quiet house and world and then looked outside.....Here is what I saw....BREATHTAKING!

These are color photos, mind you!! Doesn't it remind you of Narnia?

I heard a comment at church the other day that snow reminds us that God can do whatever He wants. He could just let it continue to rain, or He could change that into a frozen wonderland at His whim. Powerful!

Lord, help me always see Your simple beauty!

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