November 9, 2009

We're Here and Settled

Well, it's been awhile since I've written and the news is....we're finally settled. I guess as settled as a mobile military family gets. That of course means that there are pictures on the walls, but the last several boxes will stay pseudo-packed till we move again!! Our trip over and command transition were smooth but left all of us weary. We pushed through though and since arriving four months ago, we've traveled to Belgium, Poland, Luxemburg and Lenae spent a week in the Czech Republic. We've soaked up tons of the never ending local culture. All the while still somewhat in disbelief that we are actually here. We've visited castles, wine festivals, and amazing historical places that mark not only centuries of old, but past millenia!! My breath was swept away to stand where Napoleon once stood at the Porta Nigra in Trier.

As Americans who live in a baby country, our depth of history is mostly learned from textbooks, and more currently, the internet. Even recently, as the weather has turned a dull, cold, and rainy gray most days, (I understand this is pretty much what we get till March), I've thought often about those brave members of the greatest generation who won our freedom 50 years ago. What misery to have fought through this weather for 4 years!! My respect for our forerunners who blazed through and kept us free has grown exponentially!!! I never would have understood these conditions if I'd never lived here. The kids and I are going through World History again! What an amazing opportunity the Lord has blessed us with. We look forward to the days ahead, and I will post some of what we've visited already!!

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