June 3, 2009


Today, the last piece of our moving puzzle was put into place. We sold The Biologist's horse, Jordan. We watched as God worked the plan in giving her to us. When we bought her, we never imagined we'd be going overseas. And now we must let her go.

 Military kids are asked to continually sacrifice. They are asked to give up friends and familiar surroundings over and over again. Sweet Thang and I are blessed with children who will willingly sacrifice for our road of adventure. As the first born and I shed more tears today with the finality of selling Jordan, The B was the one comforting ME!! Not once has she (or the other 3 for that matter) been angry or resentful with their military family situation. Thank you Lord for giving all of them to us. Thank you for allowing us to care for Jordan the last couple years. Thank you for teaching us all about faith and blindly trusting in your Plan.

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