June 16, 2009

Furniture with Character

Still waiting on furniture these days......We've been in our house now for a couple of weeks and I'm so grateful for this time to rest and regroup. I've been doing a lot of thinking about what will go where when we do get our shipment. This is the part of moving I love!!!!! The decorating on the 'other end'.

 I refuse to buy 'new' furniture. Every time we move, that decision is confirmed. A few weeks ago we watched as our furniture and boxes were loaded onto crates to move to Germany. It's so interesting watching crates being loaded. Every inch of space must be utilized. Soft linens and such aren't boxed, they're wrapped with brown paper in bundles to use as filler for space inside of shelves and cabinets. Loading is like watching a huge puzzle being pieced together. It's all packed very tightly so that when a crane is loading the crates (which roughly weigh 1000 lbs each) onto and off of a boat, nothing is supposed to move inside. That being said, it's just inevitable that mishaps happen and things will be damaged.

I loooove my furniture!! I have some very interesting 'antiques' (more like shabby chic) pieces that can be used in different rooms. They have character, as I call it. They have scratches and dings and such that make me smile. One more scratch will only add to the 'distressed' look. I love my furniture. God loves and values all of our scratches and dings. He sees all of our scars and treasures us all the more, because He knows what happened to get those scars. I have lots of hidden 'scars' that no one sees but Him. Those scars only remind me of His healing work.

Lord, thank you for loving me and turning my 'shabby' heart into Your valuable, priceless 'treasure'!!

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