February 28, 2009

Reflections of 'Oreo middles'....

We've spent almost half of our military life here in Montana over two tours. Hard to believe! As we think about the next assignment, I can't help but reminisce about the time we've spent here. We've been so blessed to have known the sweet souls that the Lord has brought into our lives. As military folks, we know the time we get with friends is short lived. We learn to skip over the 'niceties' in relationships and get right to 'the good part'. We're all Oreo middles! My precious friends in the "Gumwood ghetto" that have been on this coaster ride the last few years have given us memories of both ups and downs, complete with stomach churning events. But we were all strapped in together, and that is what will always bind us to each other.

In addition to loads of laughter, the last couple of years has brought pain and heartache to those we love here, and I was privileged to watch the 'incredibles' step up to enfold the hurting and begin the healing. We are blessed to have been a part of a military community that truly cares about its own, and at the same time, constantly accomplishing what others say they can't. I got to watch first hand this squadron's truly moving response to tragedy, at all levels, and am still amazed.

We've done a lot of worrying here.......and a lot of praying. We've watched the kids grow and mature in so many ways. We will leave here with such different children than the ones we brought with us. They've watched me struggle with new responsibilities and have taken up the slack when we've needed them to. I am also leaving here with a different man than I brought here. I've watched him shoulder tremendous burdens and sadness with this squadron and as a result he's become a tower of quiet strength for us as well.

To my zany Oreo friends....thank you for giving us your 'middles' to enjoy for a time. Honestly, this has been a long road here at Malmstrom, but we will all be forever grateful for the memories.

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